Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Working in Singapore

Hi, all my readers, i am coming back again. This time i am not going to tell about my trip. Well, i think i will suspend my hongkong and macau trip plan as i got a new job in Singapore. It will be very long long time for me to be able to go overseas again.
This time i will share with you about my experience of getting a job in Singapore.

Many people said that getting a job in Singapore is a bit hard nowadays. You may be hired in a company but it is not a guarantee that u will really work there until the MOM (Minister Of Manpower) has approved your work pass application.

Actually my main purpose of looking for job in Singapore is because i want to live in there. Do you still remember how i admired Singapore so much on my Sg vacation story? I was looking for the way to be able to realize it and now, the chance has come to me.

I read from many sources of how to get a job in Singapore. Basically there are 3 ways for foreigners to get job :

1. You play safe. You can apply the jobs from your own country by email. Just send your application as many as you can. Make a good resume, find the jobs in JobsCentral,, Jobsdb, Jobstreet etc. Then waiting for responses from employer. Some will call you back and do phone interview, but some might ask you to come for face to face interview. If they agree to hire you, the employer will apply pass application for you to MOM. It will then depend on MOM to approve or reject the application.

The disadvantage of this is the chance of being called back by employer is rather slim. They will think why should hire the ones who stay far outside if can get from inside Singapore easily. Especially if they have to make international calls, they will think twice unless you have special skill that they really need. That's why, some job seekers will put Sg number and virtual Sg address in their resume and use the number in their home country so the employer will think that they are in Singapore. You can do this way to enlarge the chance of being called back but remember, you have to bear with the expensive roaming fee.

2. You go to Singapore directly and use your 1 month social visit pass to find a job there. Or else, you can apply for EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate). If approved, usually you can get up to 1 year of long term social visit pass to find a job. The step is almost the same with number 1, but the chance of getting a job is larger since you are in Singapore so employer can reach you easily. But at last, it will still depend on MOM to approve or reject your application. It is recommended for the ones who have strong financial as it requires a lot of money to spend for living there until you secure a job which could be months if you are unlucky.

3. You apply LPR (Landed Permanent Resident) first, it is very costly because you have to pay a sum of money to apply. It takes a long time approx. 6 months or more to get the result. No matter what the outcome is, your money will not be refunded. But when you get your LPR approved, you can get 1 or 2 years time to find a job and once you secure a job, your LPR status will be converted automatically to SPR (Singapore Permanent Resident) status. As we know, once you are an SPR holder, many chances are opened widely to get any kind of jobs you like.

Well, whatever your choice is, it's all up to you.

Maybe in my case, it can be considered as lucky. Oh no....should be because God leads the way for me. Nothing is impossible in Him ^o^

I started to find a job via website around April 2011. I sent so many applications, should be hundreds of it by now. And on May 11th, 2011 I got response email from employer asked me to call them for interview arrangement. I called them and agreed for interview one week later. I booked flight, submitted leaves to my current employer and flew there for an interview. Well, actually it is a waste going there for just one interview, that's why I looked for another walk in interview for that day. Before I went, I prepared all the documents with English translation and legalization (those all are requirements from MOM).

Never expected..they agreed to hire me directly during interview that time. They didn't even ask me too many questions, just explained to me what kind of business they run for and what my responsibilities will be. After I dealt with salary, I signed the letter of employment and they submitted my work pass application to MOM. The plan of attending another walk in interview was being cancelled due to I was too excited with my first interview result. Really never expected that I could pass the interview easily. I then decided to survey office surrounding and headed back to airport as my flight time was about 6 PM.

Back to my current office, worked as usual while waiting for the pass result. On May 28th, just about 10 days from my application date, I was being informed that my pass application has been approved by MOM, wow!! another exciting thing. I submitted my resignation and here I am...counting down for the day of my new life and new job in Singapore. Haiz... but still have more steps to do before I officially start to work. I still need to do medical check up as required by MOM, present in MOM office for registration and finger printing, and wait for my pass being issued.

Hope that I am able to survive and doing greatly there. Thanks God that my dream comes true. For you guys who have the same dream to work in Singapore, just keep ur spirit up and never give in with it! See you again next time...


Anonymous said...

Congratz to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Comgratulations first of all.
I have read on

That LPR is suspended. i am dying to to be in singapore but i dont know how to apply for LPR and documents and what is the fees. Plus i have heard that hire agent for application is must..
i am confused...can u please help me.

Anonymous said...

hello, may i know which company you're in?

cutepanda said...

hallo, i am working at an accounts service company.

Shanky said...

Hi dear, i request for your kind help. i have been trying to go to Singapore and work there. my email id is LPR is suspended and so as the EPEC of what I hear. Now the chance to go to Singapore is to first secure job and then employer assist in filing for work permit :( can you please help me if my information is wrong and give me suggestions and advise. it will be of great help to me. Thank you in advance.